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Joged Bumbung Dance

Joged Bumbung Dance


Joged Bumbung dance is usually in the title for a wedding celebration or other social ceremonies in Bali. This dance tells the story of a female dancer who will try to attract the attention of young people and then they will dance together later in the stage.

There are some dancers who will come out to dance in rotation, usually about 3-5 dancers. Each dancer was later the audience will be invited to go dancing (ngibing) but in turn. Usually the committee will organize and record who's signed up for "ngibing". But sometimes the dancers Joged own choosing who ngibing.

This dance is very popular social dance in Bali, this dance has a rather free movement patterns, agile and dynamic, which is taken from the Legong and Kekebyaran and performed in improvisation. Usually performed after the harvest season, holidays, and other important days. This Joged dance is a dance in pairs, men and women by inviting the participation of the audience.

The dance appeared in 1946 in North Bali and now Joged Bumbung Dance can be found almost in every village and is a type of dance Joged most popular in Bali.

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