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Nyepi Day ( Silent Day )

Nyepi Day ( Silent Day )



New year celebrated in Bali during Nyepi Day.
There are several series of exercising Nyepi day, that is:

In the Melasti ceremony was performed purification or cleaning any facility or infrastructure worship. The tools or means of worship were cleared include: pratima and pralingga. The tools are then carried to the cleanup spot as the sea (beach) or other water sources that are considered sacred, according to circumstances where the ceremony (desa, kala, patra). The purpose of the Melasti ceremony is to invoke tirtha amerta as cleaning water from Hyang Widhi / God.

Tawur Kesanga
Tawur Kesanga fell the day before the Silent day of Nyepi is the tilem Kesanga. In tawur ceremony was conducted in the form of offerings to the bhuta/darknes with caru ceremony.  Caru addressed this in that the bhuta / darkness did not lose its properties on the implementation of the feast of Nyepi. It also aims to eliminate the evil elements of the human beings that do not follow the man in the next year. This day often called Tawur Kesanga.

Nyepi day
Silent day celebrated by people by way of four Bratha Penyepian.

*not light the fire

*not traveling

*not working

*no entertainment activities

 All restrictions in done to curb the passions and evil desires so as to achieve a calmness or peace of mind. With these thoughts could be assessed for any actions in the past and at the same time cultivate good deeds for the following year. All this is done for one full day of Silent day or Nyepi Day.

Ngembak Geni
The day after Silent or Nyepi, all the activity back to normal. Today begins with worship and prayer to Hyang Widhi/God for good in the new year. In today's Ngembak geni Day  people forgive each other.

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